A few years back my family and I visited a butterfly garden, and this helped me understand a powerful truth found in God’s word. I was standing in front of a glass case filled with cocoons and this was called the transformation station. From caterpillars to butterflies this glorious transformation takes place. What if … More Transformation


Investing TIME The Pareto principle says that 80% of our results will come from 20% of our activities. Applying that principle to how we invest our time can be life transforming. In his brilliant book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey shares a helpful guide to determine how we are to spend … More INVESTING TIME

Trust the Process

  The Chinese Bamboo tree provides a beautiful example of the process of growth. The farmer plants the hard nut in the ground and engages in the process of daily watering and fertilizing his future crop. Over the course of one year, no visible growth on the surface is seen. Year two? Nothing. Year three, … More Trust the Process

Creating Healthy Heart Culture That Keeps the Fire Burning

Kindling is the wood or other materials used to start fires. They start out burning bright and strong but if some strong firewood is not present the fire will quickly burn out. (Kindling is conferences/worship nights/mission trips etc) Think of the fire as your intimate love of Jesus.  The fire is your fuel source that … More Creating Healthy Heart Culture That Keeps the Fire Burning


In December I stepped into a butterfly garden, and I received this amazing lesson that God taught me. I stepped in front of a glass case and it had hundreds of cocoons hanging out waiting for their transformation into a butterfly. The title over the glass case was TRANSFORMATION STATION. … More Metamorphosis