Living the Resurrected Life

pexels-photo-294173.jpegJesus’ death and resurrection changed everything. Death destroyed! Sin destroyed! The veil to the Holy of Holies was torn from top to bottom.  When we receive what Jesus did on the cross and repent of our sins, the Bible says that we are born again and become a new creation.  This is HUGE!! The Gospel impacted your eternity in Heaven, but how is the Gospel impacting how you live NOW on Earth?  Are you living resurrected or are you the walking dead?  Many believers are walking around as zombies not knowing the amazing treasure they carry.  The central issue in activating our resurrected life is our belief systems (Faith).

Culture has blinded us to our true identity and we have allowed the lies of the enemy to come in and abort the experience of us living in the amazing Resurrected LIFE he died to give us. You are not a broken sinner anymore.  Your old Identity in Adam was Crucified with Christ, you were buried with Him in Baptism and resurrected IN HIM as a new creation.  That’s right!! An entirely NEW Species never seen before.  Race no longer matters, social status, financial status, male or female, none of that matters because ALL of our Identity is rooted and grounded in CHRIST ALONE!!!  If you believe that your life is going to be nothing but a struggle and that you are a victim just surviving until Jesus takes you home, then you have been infected with the lies of the enemy and you will not activate resurrection life.

What is this Resurrection life? First off, it is contagious!! When you walk around filled with LIFE, His LIFE, you leak Jesus everywhere you go.  This GOD life is called ZOE in scripture!!! We can have his life flowing through us.  Our lives are not perfect, but even in trials and setbacks, the renewed mind of Christ Kicks in and we see them working for our good.  He is growing us up into maturity.  God doesn’t cause all the bad stuff but the cool thing is that He works all things together for our good!!!  Our mouths belong to him so we overflow with love and encouragement.  We speak LIFE!! Our EARS are open to HIM! We hear GOD!! We hear HIM Speaking!!  Our hearts are new and preprogrammed to follow His Law of LOVE which is to LOVE OTHERS as HE has LOVED us!!!  Our hands are blessed and healing flows through them and we walk in His favor as His grace helps us in our work!  We think like Heaven with our renewed minds!! Our feet carry us to sometimes dark places where the light of world shines through us.  Darkness has never defeated light and never will.  He gives us HIS EYES to see the GOLD in People among all the dirt and we start to call that out in them.  This helps us stay out of the trap of offense and to forgive people quickly.  Our eyes see the beauty of his Glorious creation and we see nothing but possibilities.   Obstacles become opportunities for Him to show up and show out with His glory.  We are His sons and daughters!!!  WALK IN LIFE!! TAKE OFF THE GRAVE CLOTHES!!  Speak to the DRY BONES!! He has filled us with the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead and He gave us resurrection life!!!

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