Word for 2016: TORCH

John Wesley said “I set myself on fire with passion and people come from miles to watch me burn.”

1359835975_torch           We are living in the most exciting time in the history of the World.  God is raising up leaders that burn bright and transform atmospheres.  From behind the pulpit to board rooms these burning men and women will not be stopped.  They are unshakable and Hell’s greatest fear.  They have discovered that the only true fuel source of authentic fire is Intimacy with the Lord  in the secret place.  These leaders become burning torches and are carriers of the power and presence of God.  Torches transform darkness into light.  They shift atmospheres by bringing warmth to cold places.  Torches are at their best in dark and dry places.  They are capable of lighting fires every where they go without compromising their personal flame of radical love. Torches long to see the next generation burn brighter than they ever did and are passionate about making them successful.   Torches do not depend on external situations or conditions to keep the fire burning because the fuel source is not of this world.  Their heart beats with a passion to see Heaven invade Earth.

Here is an acrostic of the word TORCH to give us direction for cultivating a healthy heart culture where the fire will burn brightest:

  • Thankful
  • Optimistic
  • Revolutionary
  • Courageous
  • Humble

In future blogs we will unpack each of these attitudes of the heart and move towards cultivating a heart culture that will attract Heaven.

2016 will truly be the year of BURNING LEADERS!!!!

Favor and blessings to all,


4 thoughts on “Word for 2016: TORCH

  1. Thank you for this good word and encouragement. It reminds me of the scripture that says there is one coming who’s sandals I am not worthy to tie(John the Baptist) but when He comes He will baptize us with Holy Spirit and Fire!!!


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