Letters to my kids-Separation Anxiety

adventure baby beautiful blue eyes
Photo by Josh Willink on Pexels.com

Thousands of years after the garden the enemy is still deceiving the beloved sons and daughters with the same set of lies.  This has caused a surge of Jesus lovers staying in bondage to shame, fear, and anxiety.  The enemy was able to get Adam and Eve to believe the lie that they were not created in his image and that he was holding back from them.  One bite from the forbidden tree and they would be able to know it all and be like God.  He never created them for independence but on absolute dependence on Him for everything.  With the infection of sin now flowing though their veins and death and shame now looking to devour them, they fled and hid from the giver of life.  Shame will always produce deeper sin and more hiding.  He could not bear to have them eat from the tree of life and forever lock in their sinful state for all eternity so Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden forced to navigate life under the new reality of sin and death.

We were all born in Adam with the same terrible infection of sin, but God sent Jesus to destroy the power of sin and death once and for all by his death on a cross and powerful resurrection.  Jesus stepped into the fear based planet and invaded it with the love of the Father.  The person that knew no sin actually became sin on the cross that we could become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.  When we surrender our lives to Jesus we are no longer infected with sin but are infected with righteousness.  If anyone is In Christ, we really are new creations the old is gone and the new has come.  We are no longer in Adam but in Christ.  He not only gave us forgiveness for ALL our sins but gave us power over sin.  Sin will no longer dominate us because we are under grace.  We are now In Jesus and He is In us.  There is no separation.  Why do we have more faith in sin’s ability to separate us from God than Christ’s ability to separate us from sin.  We are no longer sinners but now He sees us as saints.  He is not far off but closer than our breath and closer than our skin.  You can’t become more righteous! You are Righteous because of Jesus.  Let’s receive that truth, come out of shame and the allusion that we are separated from God.  Let’s run boldly into the Father’s arms and our separation anxiety will die in the sea of peace and joy.  He is so much better than we think!! Let’s change the way we think!


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