Fear of Man

After the latest terror attack my heart grieves and my prayers go out for my brothers and sisters in Brussels.  Terror reveals that the fear of man is still alive in us.  In contrast, those that fear the Lord have a peace and experience resurrected life as a new creation. Dead men fear nothing.  We … More Fear of Man

Becoming a Torch

In order to become a burning torch that transforms atmospheres and lights fires everywhere that we go, we must be sensitive to cultivating the following attitudes of the heart that will create a healthy culture where the FIRE will burn brightest.  Then we will truly be burning leaders for His glory. Thankful:  Being thankful is truly … More Becoming a Torch

Word for 2016: TORCH

John Wesley said “I set myself on fire with passion and people come from miles to watch me burn.”            We are living in the most exciting time in the history of the World.  God is raising up leaders that burn bright and transform atmospheres.  From behind the pulpit to board rooms … More Word for 2016: TORCH