Becoming a Torch

In order to become a burning torch that transforms atmospheres and lights fires everywhere that we go, we must be sensitive to cultivating the 1359835975_torchfollowing attitudes of the heart that will create a healthy culture where the FIRE will burn brightest.  Then we will truly be burning leaders for His glory.

Thankful:  Being thankful is truly a choice and is the greatest inoculation we have to the subtle invasion of entitlement mentality.  All throughout scripture in the Old and New Testament we are implored to give Thanks.  We enter the Lord’s gates with Thanksgiving!!  Even secular professionals that have studied keys to happiness and health agree that gratitude is one of the most important keys.  Make a list of those in your life you are thankful for and be intentional to make sure that they know it.  Spend time thanking Jesus for all he has done and meditate on what He is doing and has done in your life.  Feasting on testimonies of God’s goodness is a shortcut to cultivating a thankful heart.  This lifts our gaze to Heaven and causes our focus to be on what God is doing versus what has not happened yet or what did not happen.  Thankfulness is truly the soil that joy and peace grows in.  Thankfulness is contagious and will spread like wildfire and shift even the most toxic atmospheres.

Optimistic:  I have heard it said that those with the greatest hope have the highest levels of influence.  Optimism gives us royal vision that is able to call out the Gold in the midst of the dirt in people.  We live from a place of victory and the glass is always half full.  Obstacles or problems serve as ramps to promotion and new levels.  We become the most inspiring people always building up, encouraging and comforting with the pure love of Father God.  We see that the Kingdom of God is here now and advancing and every enemy will bow at the name of Jesus.

Revolutionary:  This is a mindset of one that brings radical change and transformation.  Not lazy in thinking, revolutionaries resist the pundits in the media and the doom and gloom experts in the church telling them what and how to think.  They believe they have the mind of Christ and meditate on the word of God, have a lifestyle of prayer and worship, and know that they are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.  They dream of seeing Heaven Invade Earth in the form of hospitals being cleared out because everyone was healed and seeing Kingdom business thriving filled with the presence of God.  They step out in faith and know that Heaven will back them up.

Courageous:  Fear has been cast out by perfect love.  They possess the courage to pioneer new territory.  No fear of facing enemies with no plan B of retreat.  Like Esther, they say if I perish, I perish or like the boys in the fiery furnace they say even if deliverance is not in our future they will not bow down or compromise.  They face giants and cut their heads off.  They are not politically correct but are filled with Love.  They are not arrogant but are bold and confident.  They live a life of adventures and the supernatural is truly natural.

Humble:  Humility is a beautiful attitude of the heart.  It is truly the fertile soil that causes the word to explode in you and cause you to bear much fruit.  Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.  You prefer others and are truly able to celebrate others success.  You honor others by treating them like you would Jesus.  You truly recognize all things are from God and you are a vessel for blessings to flow through.  Humility creates a culture where the cancer of pride can’t grow.  You truly love people more than you love being right.  Humble people attract God’s grace.

With these attitudes of the heart we clearly create a healthy culture where the FIRE will dominate our life and we will be a burning torch for His Glory.

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