Fear of Man

After the latest terror attack my heart grieves and my prayers go out for my brothers and sisters in Brussels.  Terror reveals that the fear of man is still alive in us.  In contrast, those that fear the Lord have a peace and experience resurrected life as a new creation.1359835975_torch

Dead men fear nothing.  We were baptized into Christ, buried, and resurrected as a new creation.  We believe like heaven, think Heaven’s thoughts, speak Heaven’s words and act like Heaven.  On Earth as it is in Heaven is beginning to be seen as believers actually start to believe.  We have the mind of Christ, a new nature, a soft tender heart of flesh with a compassionate nature, and a mandate to obey and stay in the presence of an audience of one.  “Love each other as I have loved you.”  He is calling us higher and beckons us to come away with Him and let Him fill us and satisfy us.

We are royalty! Sons and daughters of the God of the universe.  Born again into an eternal, unshakeable Kingdom where Righteousness is the only standard, peace is the atmosphere, and joy is our fuel source for strength.  We are filled with the Holy Spirit and He is our master leader, guiding, transforming, speaking, loving, equipping, counseling, giving us power, an all consuming fire, the purifier, the Healer, the miracle worker, the demon destroyer, and the keeper of the keys to set captives free.  He reminds us continually of who we are.  All we need to do is to allow Him to fully conquer our heart.

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